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INSIGHT Wins 2015 Food Logistics Top Green Provider Award

June 29, 2015

INSIGHT, Inc. announces winning a 2015 Top Green Provider Award from Food Logistics magazine for the third year in a row. These prestigious awards honor transportation providers, 3PLs, cold storage providers, technology companies, pallet manufacturers and others key to supporting a more sustainable global food supply chain. INSIGHT was chosen for helping companies lower their carbon emissions and energy usage through optimal supply chain networks. INSIGHT helps customers uncover value and boost sustainability within their global supply chain operations.

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INSIGHT Improves Supply Chain Design Data Visualization

May 19, 2015

INSIGHT, Inc. announces a new data analysis and visualization module for SAILS, the most powerful strategic supply chain design software suite in existence. The new offering, entitled the SAILS Data Visualization Module, distills the essence of large, complex strategic supply chains into just a few tables that make it easy to display maps, graphical results or hierarchical relationships.

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INSIGHT Wins Top IT Logisitics Provider Award

Apr. 28, 2015

INSIGHT announces its 14th consecutive win of the prestigious Top 100 Logistics IT Provider Award for 2015 from Inbound Logistics magazine.  INSIGHT was chosen for its robust strategic supply chain design software that optimizes the most complex, global logistics networks - minimizing costs, streamlining operations, reducing inventory levels, meeting demanding customer service levels, and containing supply chain vulnerability risk, while maximizing profits.

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Can Big Data Streamline the Supply Chain?

Aug 11, 2015

The Strategic Sourceror

The world generates a vast amount of data each day. From smart gadgets to purchasing habits, people's activities and devices produce an endless supply of information. Businesses can take advantage of this data to make better decisions, improve customer service and streamline the supply chain. However, not every corporation is using the information to progress their bottom lines.

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Can Big Data Overcome Supply Chain Selfishness and Silo Management?

Aug 5, 2015

FORTUNE by David Z. Morris

Powerful software is giving us new insights into large-scale efficiency. But logistics veterans say companies aren’t always ready to think big.

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Advancing the Cause of SCM and S&OP Through Advanced Analytics

May 1, 2015

Supply Chain Management Review, by Jeff Karrenbauer

Organizations have talked about integrated business processes for decades, but most of us still operate in silos. The result is inefficient supply chains and disappointing results from S&OP. To realize the promise of SCM and S&OP, organizations need to apply new analytic tools and a network view of the supply chain.

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What's Working, and Not Working, in Supply Chain Management

Interview with Jeffrey Karrenbauer, President, INSIGHT, Inc.

Chasing cheap labor and management in silos are just two of the mistakes that Jeffrey Karrenbauer, president of Insight Inc., sees companies continue to make. This supply chain industry veteran candidly shares his opinions about what is, and is not, working in supply chain management. [Run Time (Min.): 12:40]

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